Guide on the Rise of Tablets


Tablets have become ubiquitous over the past decade, changing how we live and work in profound ways. They’ve untethered us from bulky laptops and desktops, allowing us to stay connected and productive.

Tablets have revolutionized how we consume and interact with digital media. We can read books, magazines, and newspapers on a thin, lightweight device.

The Rise of Tablets

Tablets have come a long way in a short time. Just over a decade ago, the first iPads and Android tablets were released, and they’ve been getting more advanced ever since. Now tablets are as powerful as laptops, with high-resolution displays, built-in keyboards, and software that can handle everything from word processing to photo editing.

A few factors drove the rise of tablets:

More powerful and energy-efficient mobile components. Processors, memory, storage, and batteries have all improved to the point where tablets can run sophisticated software and last all day, every day.

The growth of the mobile app economy. There are now millions of apps available for both iPads and Android tablets, from games and streaming media to tools for productivity and creativity. The huge app selection makes tablets useful for both work and play.

Faster wireless connectivity. Wi-Fi and cellular networks have become faster and more widely available, so you can use tablets on the go to browse the web, stream media, share photos, and more.

Lower costs. Although high-end tablets still command a premium price, you can now get a basic tablet for a few hundred dollars. The affordability of tablets has allowed more people and students to adopt them.

Touch screens and simple interfaces. Tablets were designed from the start for touch input and ease of use. Their intuitive interfaces open up technology to more casual and inexperienced users.

5 Ways Tablets Have Transformed Our Daily Lives

Here are five of the biggest impacts tablets have had on our daily lives:

1. Tablets have made computing on-the-go possible. Now you can check email, surf the web, stream music and movies, play games, read books, and so much more wherever you go. Whether commuting, traveling, or just relaxing on the couch, tablets give you a powerful and portable way to stay connected and entertained.

2. Tablets have enabled new ways of collaborating and connecting. Services like video calling, document sharing, and project management apps have allowed us to work together in ways that simply weren’t possible before. We can now easily join virtual meetings, share ideas, give presentations, and collaborate on documents with teammates across the world.

3. Tablets have changed how we consume and interact with media. We now have endless options for reading books, magazines, and newspapers as well as listening to music, podcasts, and audiobooks. We can also stream TV shows, movies, YouTube videos, and play mobile games on the go. Tablets have made all forms of media far more accessible.

4. Tablets have revolutionized education. Tablets give students an engaging new way to learn and provide teachers with an effective tool for instruction. Educational apps, ebooks, and tools for creating and sharing digital content have transformed the classroom experience. Students can now access interactive lessons, take fun quizzes, read ebooks, and more.

5. Tablets have made shopping more convenient. We now have the ability to browse products, compare prices, read reviews, and make purchases all from the comfort of our tablets. Mobile shopping has changed retail in a huge way and allows us to shop whenever and wherever we want. Tablets provide an easy, streamlined way to find and buy just about anything.

The Best Tablets for Entertainment: Movies, Music, Gaming and More

When it comes to enjoying entertainment on the go, tablets offer some of the best options. Powerful, portable and packed with features, the latest tablets are perfect for enjoying movies, music, games and more.

Best for Movies and TV Shows

With a stunning 12.9-inch Liquid Retina display, the iPad Pro brings your favorite shows and films to life. Its four speaker audio delivers rich, immersive sound. The A12Z Bionic chip provides fast performance for streaming content from popular services like Netflix, Hulu, and Disney+. The iPad Pro’s USB-C port allows you to connect it to an external display for an even bigger screen experience.

Best for Music: Samsung Galaxy Tab S6

Audiophiles will appreciate the quad speaker system on the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 with Dolby Atmos surround sound. Combined with a 10.5-inch Super AMOLED display, your tunes have never looked or sounded better. A microSD card slot provides expandable storage for loading your library. Samsung’s partnership with Spotify allows for seamless streaming with a 6-month free trial.

Best for Gaming: Microsoft Surface Pro X

While not a traditional tablet, the Microsoft Surface Pro X is a solid choice for on-the-go gaming. Its 13-inch touchscreen and built-in kickstand provide a versatile setup for both touch and controller-based games.

Other factors to consider when choosing an entertainment tablet include:

Operating system: Do you prefer iOS, Android or Windows? Each has pros and cons for entertainment.

Storage: More storage means you can download more movies, music, games and apps to enjoy offline.

Battery life: For long flights or road trips, a tablet with 10+ hours of battery life is ideal.

Accessories: Consider a keyboard case, gaming controller or portable charger to enhance your experience.

Parental controls: If buying for kids, look for a tablet with built-in controls to manage content and screen time.

With so many excellent options, you can’t go wrong when choosing a tablet focused on fun. Find one tailored to your needs and you’ll be enjoying all your favorite entertainment on the go.


So you see, tablets have fundamentally reshaped how we live and work. They’ve untethered us from desks and PCs, freeing us to be productive and connected no matter where we are. Tablets have put a world of information and entertainment at our fingertips.

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