Fossil watches: latest Wear OS update

These watches are getting w/ improved performance and upgraded Wear OS, and more.

Fossil watches are getting Wear OS H-MR2 update - 9to5Google

Fossil watches: latest Wear OS updateThese watches are getting w/ improved performance and upgraded Wear OS, and more.The update from Wear OS updates are pretty challenging to predict. Presently, H-MR2, which is the most recent Wear OS update, seems to be rolling out to numerous Fossil watches. Usually, it’s not clear when they will be rolling out and how they will be providing details or in case if you even have them some of the time.

The eagle-eyed customers through XDA on the Wear OS subreddit have ordered user reports from Fossil smartwatches users whose device have had the OS H-MR2 update arriving. Those gadgets include:

  • Skagen Falster 3
  • Diesel Axial
  • Fossil Gen 5 Series
  • Emporio Armani Smartwatch 3

Though the update may take time to roll out and showing up for all users, it seems to be rolling out around the world. Google’s original Wear OS H-MR2’s CHANGELOG said that the update would carry some performance upgrades and enhancements, some changes to controls and a new weather application. Further, Google additionally detailed that once the update will begin turning out, it would have improved battery life. The update will be rolled out in September, said Google.

From the MR2 update, the rollout of features has, up until this point, been somewhat messy and every place. In mid-November, the new Weather application/tile began rolling out, while the capacity to add additional Tiles was included in the month of September. Since Fossil watches are really getting this update, users have seen that a power button long-press would now be able to trigger Google Assistant, the format or layout for changing the screen brightness and there’s another time limit to turn off the screen.

Additionally, at the beginning of September, Wear OS H-MR2 first began rolling out toward to the Suunto 7, three months prior to Fossil watches are presently getting it. Well, at least it finally shows up.

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Fossil watches: latest Wear OS update
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